We think HaaS is a great solution for any business, but why T3 specifically?



It can be hard to get the equipment you need due to large upfront costs. But with us, this isn’t the case. Get the hardware you need, start your project, & worry about money later.


As a small business, you don’t always have the people you need to get the job done. HaaS with us and all hardware you request is delivered to you. Ready to go from the inside-out.


It’s always a plus to see something from multiple angles. Our engineers can help you piece together agreements – from the dollar amount to the technical specifications.
  • Protect your budget

    Cash flow is king! Gain predictability and control over your budget by shifting to our HaaS plan and say goodbye to the constant process of buying all new equipment outright. By paying a monthly fee, turn your capital investment into a small manageable operational expense.

  • Kiss out-of-date technology goodbye

    In a highly competitive business arena, you cannot win the game with outdated equipment while your competitors benefit from the latest technology. By using HaaS, T3 has the responsibility of ensuring your equipment is capable of handling tasks efficiently, and we will achieve this through professional grade hardware upgrades and replacements.

  • Better maintenance

    Buying new hardware isn’t the end of everything. Like most things in life, hardware needs to be taken care of. And most of the time, businesses lack the proper expertise, knowledge, or even time to maintain their equipment. HaaS solves this problem by letting T3 do all the hardware management for you.

  • Better scalability for your business

    As time progresses, your organization grows and changes, which means the needs for IT equipment changes too. T3’s HaaS solutions allow you to scale up or down as your business needs change so you don’t have to stick with unnecessary tools you no longer use.

  • Improve security

    When it comes to security, software isn’t the only thing that needs to be up to date — your hardware does too. HaaS makes it easy to update to newer hardware, which is crucial to ensure adequate security. For instance, if you need a more powerful backup and recovery solution, T3 will help you obtain new equipment as needed.

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