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For over 20 years we have been successfully implementing accounting software for small businesses.  Whether your business accounting needs are as simple as QuickBooks or you need a more robust and flexible ERP solution, our T3 implementation specialist are uniquely qualified to stand up the accounting and back office programs to run your business.

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Given today’s diverse and complex network activities, pinpointing the direct cause of poor network performance often proves difficult.  T3 will help you identify and eliminate problematic bottlenecks on your network, reducing downtime so your business users can enjoy stability, quick access to shared network applications and full business continuity.

Tallahassee Web Design
Web Design

In need of a professional but affordable website? The internet has become so competitive that customers are deciding in seconds whether to do business with you, solely based on the look and feel of your website. So whether you need a brand new website or an old website that needs a makeover – our customer support representatives are just a call away!

Tablet with HIPAA and PCI Compliance
HIPAA/PCI Compliance

At its core, HIPAA compliance is simply about maintaining patient privacy by ensuring the appropriate access to, and use of, patient data. Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions provide details around when patient data is accessed, but without visibility into what happened to the data after it was accessed, the risk of data breaches and compliance violations is significantly increased.

Complying with the PCI DSS is no simple task, however. Meeting each of the 12 requirements plus sub-requirements—281 objectives in all–can be mind-boggling. And once you’ve reached the “nirvana” of full compliance, you’ll need to remain there as the rules change.

Marine Manufacturing Hull
Marine Manufacturing

As a manufacturer, you are focused on creating top quality products.  You also need to watch your bottom line, so operating at the lowest possible cost without comprising quality is critical.  Learn how T3 can streamline your business.  Let us help you with tracking real-time inventory, organizing your information so duplicate data entry is a thing of the past, and get the best ROI for your money by tracking where every dollar is going.

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